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Rated 1 of the best hair salons in NYC


Among best hair salons in NYC

AEREA SALON NYC hair stylists, hair extensions experts and makeup artists specialize in a wide range of services which includes but is not limited to: Hair Extensions, Haircuts, Wedding Makeup, Keratin Treatment, Balayage Highlights, Ombre Hair Color, Japanese Hair Straightening, Updo's and Bridal Hair, Olaplex Bond Multiplier.


Liz is the salon's lead Hair Extensions Specialist and Wedding Makeup Artist, transforming fine, brittle hair into the hair that every woman dreams of. Liz specializes in making every skin type flawless, camera ready for both brides and non-brides alike. Alex is the master hair colorist and stylist at AEREA SALON NYC and is dedicated to transforming dull hair colors into shimmery, buttery shades and turning unmanageable frizzy hair into shiny and sleek. 


Both of their work in some of the best hair salons in NYC is featured in TV shows and campaigns for Kleinfeld, American Eagle, Make Me a SuperModel, Be More Dateable, Bridezilla, Coco Anais, Long Island Bride & Groom, Cosmopolitan, The Knot and more....

Hair Extensions NYC


Searching for Hair extensions in NYC can be daunting, especially when desiring the Best Hair Extensions NYC can offer.



The hair extensions choise is extensive and so is the list of hair salons in NYC that specialize in Hair Extensions. From Human Hair extensions to remi hair extensions and the list goes on. Hair Extensions specialists at AEREA SALON NYC will help and guide you through the complexity of hair extensions. Aerea Salon is rated the No1 hair salon in NYC on Yelp for Best Hair Salons In NYC For Great Lengths Hair Extensions, Best Hair Salons In NYC For Tape Hair Extensions and Best Hair Extensions Salons In NYC.


Our NYC hair salon and its hair extensions experts specialize in many different types of hair extensions and their knowledge and reputation as revealed from our customers reviews on our Yelp and Google+ page is what differs us from most hair extensions salons in NYC. The extensions used in our NYC salon are 100% Real Hair Extensions made from the best virgin human hair found in countries around the world and most importantly are of premium quality.


A free consultation at our conviniently located hair salon in NYC and you’ll be able to decide your self why we are considered one of the best hair extensions salons in NYC! AEREA SALON NYC is conveniently located in the Flatiron District, New York, NY so there is no excuse for not having a complimentary consultation with one of our NYC hair extensions specialists.


Rated best hair salon in nyc for wedding makeup and hair

Wedding Makeup And Hair


Wedding Makeup Artists and Bridal Hairstylists in NYC and Surrounding Areas for Impecable Wedding Makeup and Hair


AEREA SALON NYC is conviniently located in the heart of New York City so wether on our salon in Flatiron or your wedding location your wedding makeup and hair will look beautiful.


Wedding makeup! How many choices are there? Start your search and it can quickly overwhelm and stress you because after all, your wedding makeup will be captured in your wedding photos and remembered forever. Just breathe.


We got tips and tricks to exceptional bridal makeup you deserve. Selecting the right makeup you need firstly to asses the wedding makeup look you’re going for. Of course, there are countless wedding makeup looks from natural makeup to bold and daring.



  • Wedding Makeup Looks

  • Wedding Makeup FAQ

  • Wedding Hairstyles

  • Wedding Hair FAQ

Balayage Highlights NYC


Balayage Highlights Or Free Hand Hair Painting


AEREA SALON NYC is regarded as one of the best hair salons in NYC for Balayage Highlights, Best Hair Salon In NYC For Blonde Highlights, Best Hair Salons In NYC For Hair Color, Best Hair Salons In NYC For Ombre Hair Color and Best Hair Salons In NYC For Color Correction as reviews from our customers on our Yelp page reveal.


Balayage highlights are the most popular hair coloring request in salons today. The go-to for modern, chic hair, balayage highlights creates depth and dimension, and leaves you with a sun-kissed finish.


Balayage is a French coloring technique that was developed in the 1970’s. It’s a freehand technique where the color is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage can be utilized to achieve ​

Best hair salon in NYC for Balayage highlights
best hair salon in nyc using olaplex treatment

Olaplex Hair Treatment  


Olaplex bond multiplier


The research behind Olaplex was conceptualized by the world's leading PhD's in Materials and Chemistry. With this fresh outlook, the two scientists invented the main ingredient for Olaplex, that is both free of silicone or oils. Unlike anything else on the market, Olaplex is a bond multiplier. Again, Aerea Salon NYC is regarded as the Best Hair Salon In NYC For Olaplex on Yelp.


  • Olaplex Bond Perfector

  • Olaplex Bond Multiplier

  • Olaplex FAQ

Oribe Hair Care

Only in the best hair salons in NYC 


Best-in-class collection that truly meets the needs of the best and hair-obsessed hairstylists.


Oribe leveraged skin care technology and natural actives to deliver high-performance, treatment-based products—all while never forgetting that healthy hair is the underpinning for sexy, glamorous styling.


Cote d’Azur


Oribe’s signature scent, Cote d’Azur was conceived to be beautiful and bright yet calming and composed—the perfect morning wake-up call, afternoon pick-me-up and evening mood-setter. The signature scent awakens with hints of citrus-soaked Italian bergamot, pink lemons, white peach, cassis and muguet, balanced with Aomori apples and leafy greens. Cedarwood, white amber and musk lend their soft woody notes, while Cuba’s national flower, la mariposa blanca, creates a sensual and invigorating experience throughout the day.


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…in this case, feel free. Oribe Hair Care’s award-winning packaging has established a new standard for hair care. Oribe Hair Care products are truly a modern-day bathroom accessory.

Among best hair salons in NYC Aerea salon NYC uses the whole range of Oribe hair care
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