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Wedding Makeup and Hair

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Wedding hair
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Every bride wants to find the perfect wedding makeup and hairstyle for her and should not settle for anything less than that. You have already selected the perfect partner, the perfect dress, the perfect venue, and the perfect date so why settle for anything less then a perfect face? We believe that all brides are beautiful but your wedding is not an everyday occasion so it doesn’t deserve just everyday hair and makeup. At Aerea Salon, we have helped hundreds of brides look and feel their best. Our top wedding makeup artists and hairstylists have helped create memorable looks and styles for many brides and weddings in NYC, looks that complement so that you can look polished and perfect both in person and in your wedding day portraits.


Selecting your makeup artist and hairstylist.


The portraits that are taken on your special day will be cherished forever so finding a wedding makeup artist and stylists to help create the best hair and make-up look for you is crucial. Being camera ready is a key part of making sure that your wedding day is perfect and we will work with you to make your beauty stand out and complement every aspect of your wedding. Our team is committed to making you look your best so that when you walk into the room all eyes will be on you. Below are examples of our work.

We do our best to help pull your total look together. Whatever style and whatever elegance you are looking for on your wedding day, we can help you create it.


Bring to us any ideas that you have for your bridal hair or wedding makeup and we will help you design the look that you desire. During your hair and makeup trial, bring your veil, jewelry, and any hair accessories that you might be wearing that day.


We want the focus to be on your and not just your hair. Our talented team of bridal hair stylists and makeup artists are  ready to create any hairstyle that you have been dreaming of and we want you to bring us any ideas that you have. Some of the wedding day hairstyles that we have created that celebrate the bride’s enduring beauty are:


• Glamorous Red Carpet Waves

• Romantic and Updo 

• High Bun

• Low Natural Loose Bun

• Beautiful Braid


When planning your hair and makeup trial, make sure to bring us a collection of your ideal bridal looks. We will work with them, the wedding theme, and style of your dress to create your best wedding day hairstyle. When we arrive, we will bring with us all the flat irons, dryers, pins, ponytails, and curling irons so that you can rest assured that every strand will be perfect.


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